If TournamentSR doesn't launch, read "Verify you have Java". If you are new to the program, try the tutorials and read the "Quick Start Guide". Consult the "Reference Manual" for screen captures and detailed information on each feature.

If you can bring more than one computer to the tournament, our support programs make your job much easier. Consult the appropriate User's Guide to determine if the support program is what you need. Download each program from the Try it now page (no log-in required).

Tell spectators, wrestlers, and coaches when WiFi brackets and team scores are available. Use the links below to download example flyers.

Many users like to "print" a PDF file. The resulting file can be e-mailed, or posted on web sites for others to download and print. The following documents describe free drivers that can be used as a "printer" to create PDF documents.

If you don't have your own form for entering a team's roster, try one of the documents below. They have been used by others to get the rosters quickly into the program.

TournamentSR also supports loading all wrestler names and seeding information from a single spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must follow the format described in section 4.1.3 of the Reference Manual. You can download an empty version of the spreadsheet using this link.

Contact us

Please e-mail us whenever you have a question. The program is written and distributed by:

SmartRun Systems, Inc.
18221 NE 186th St.
Woodinville, WA 98077-8234
Tel: (425) 788-0334


Please visit the Q&A Section of our forum for answers to many common questions.

Example brackets

Elimination ladders can be any size from 2 to 64. Round-Robin brackets can be used for 3 to 6 wrestlers. The link below shows all bracket options for double elimination tournaments.

The comment line under the bracket title on each page describes the settings to use on the Bracket list window. Single elimination ladders with Round-Robin brackets are also supported.

Example bout cards

Bout cards can be printed 1 or 2 to a page, with or without instructions, and portrait (smaller) or landscape (larger) mode. Below are some examples in PDF form. Each document opens in a new page.


We have some examples you can download and try. Each tutorial includes instructions, support data, and files you load into TournamentSR.

After verifying TournamentSR runs on your computer, download and extract one of the tutorial zip files below. The extracted files will be in a folder using the name of the tutorial (e.g. "Tutorial 1").

Tutorial 1 - Download

This demonstrates features used to set up a tournament.

  • Add teams
  • Import team rosters
  • Change wrestler names and weights
  • Seed the wrestlers
  • Fill the brackets

Tutorial 2 - Download

This demonstrates features used to run a tournament.

  • Enter match results
  • Perform emergency bracket repair
  • See live brackets, scores, and called matches

Tutorial 3 - Download

This demonstrates features used with open tournaments.

  • Load wrestlers/teams/weights from a preregistration file
  • Use RegistrationSR to add walk-in wrestlers
  • Enter weigh-in weights using TournamentSR & RegistrationSR
  • Distribute wrestlers into brackets based on weigh-in weight (Madison system)