Get it now

If you're new to TournamentSR, you can get a free trial version. While it won't let you save your work, all other features are the same as the purchased version. The trial version stops working 5 days after you first download it.

TournamentSR costs $25 for a 120 day license (about one season). The program stops working at the end of the license period. You only pay for the program when you need it.

Windows users

You must have Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE) version 5 or later to run TournamentSR. The JRE is free to everyone. Instructions for determining if you need the JRE are provided in this document.

Macintosh and Linux users

Macintosh OS X prior to Lion and most Linux systems already have the JRE installed. If your Macintosh runs Lion (version 10.7.x), Mountain Lion (10.8.x), or Mavericks (10.9.x), download the JRE from Apple using this link. If your Macintosh runs Yosemite or El Capitan, download the JRE from Oracle using this link. Further information is provided in this document.

Testing your computer

Review page 7 of the Reference Manual to confirm your computer supports TournamentSR. If your computer or OS version isn't listed, it may still work. Downloading a newer JRE often allows older systems to run the program.

Once you have confirmed your system has JRE 5 or later, download and run AnnouncerSR. If a window titled "TournamentSR connection settings" appears, your computer will also run TournamentSR. Click "Exit" to close that window.

Learning the program

Once you have TournamentSR running on your computer, you have several choices for learning the program.

We recommend downloading and using the tutorials from our Help page. The Quick Start Guide provides an overview of how to use the program. The Reference Manual provides screen images and details on how to use each feature.

If you plan to run an open tournament with on-line and/or walk-in registration, read the Open Tournaments Supplement. The guide describes TournamentSR features specific to such tournaments.

Support programs

While TournamentSR is great on its own, you'll want to learn and use its support programs: AnnouncerSR, TableWorkerSR, and RegistrationSR.

AnnouncerSR allows the announcer to assign and keep track of mat assignments. TableWorkerSR allows table workers and runners to enter match results on other computers. RegistrationSR allows open tournament walk-ins to be quickly registered on multiple computers. It also can be used to enter weigh-in weights. These programs will always be free.

Read each program's User's Guide to learn more. Download either program by clicking on the appropriate link below. Remember to save the program to your desktop.